Solplanet ASW8K-LT-G2 Pro
  • Solplanet ASW8K-LT-G2 Pro
  • Solplanet ASW8K-LT-G2 Pro
  • Solplanet ASW8K-LT-G2 Pro
  • Solplanet ASW8K-LT-G2 Pro

Solplanet ASW8K-LT-G2 Pro

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High-yield Pro version benchmark three phase inverter

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Innovations bring a new benchmark in high-yield inverters

We strive to understand what your needs are. Do you have a particularly high performance high demand application? You will find it easy to recognize the new benchmark we have created in our Pro series. You receive performance with the latest innovations and upgrades that give you flexibility, power and peace of mind

The ASW 3-20K LT-G2 Pro series delivers the latest innovations and upgrades creating a new benchmark for residential, large-scale commercial, industrial decentralized PV systems. With the innovation of larger size wafer-based PV modules, the ASW 3-20K LT-G2 Pro series three-phase inverters are perfectly compatible with other high-power PV modules.

2 independent MPP trackers and up to 32A rated input current per MPPT enable dual unit installation with more flexibility for bi-facial and large area PV modules. A wide MPPT range with 150% oversizing of the PV power array ensures high energy yield and flexibility in nearly every application.

Compact wall mounting with IP66 rated design delivers solid, long term performance against the impact of harsh environments. Our smart cloud-based ASWEI app provides user-friendly tracking wherever you are.

Key Benefits

  • IP66 rated design for outdoor use
  • Max. 20A input current per string, compatible with 182/210mm wafer based PV module
  • Wide MPP voltage range 150-1000V with low start up voltage – increased generation in low light conditions
  • Built-in Type II surge protection device both DC & AC side
  • Light & compact wall mounting
  • Easy commissioning & monitoring with Aiswei apps
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Data sheet

Power (kW)
8 kW
150 V - 1000 V
50.3 cm / 43.5 cm / 18.3 cm
17.3 kg
Operating temperature
-25 ... +60°C
Protection degree
5 years